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Job Manager is a web-based workflow and management software for joiners and manufacturers, with solutions to manage sales, purchasing, production, installation and post installation.

The software is a technology that we use to streamline our practices and ensure a high standard of information and productivity across the board.  

We are able to manage job and customers, generate quotes and specifications, and report key metrics instantly. Purchase orders, suppliers and inventory are all managed through this system, alongside scheduling, work times and job status. Installation progress, alongside imagery are able to be uploaded via the app, while our staff have full access to job details onsite to aid in quality assurance.

Record full job details with integrated mapping, correspondence, and builder information.

Manage Jobs & Customers

Fully programmable quoting engine allows for highly customised pricing.

Generate Quotations and Specifications

Key metrics available instantly – banked sales, running jobs in, salesperson performance, etc.


Email integration notifies Suppliers of Purchase Orders. Require approval for sensitive items.

Place Purchase Orders

Supplier login via the web and track their outstanding purchase orders. Respond with acknowledgements and any queries.

Supplier Portal

Stock allocations automatically keep inventory levels up-to-date based on orders and factory floor picking.

Manage Inventory

Manage manufacturing pipeline, specify lead times for processes, and the system creates a full dependency graph for just-in-time manufacture.

Process scheduling

Upload Job photos before, during, and after joinery installation. Full access to job details onsite.

Mobile App for onsite Quality Assurance

Track times and job status through the manufacturing pipeline.

Factory Worker Clock-In

Assign jobs to installers and track progress.

Schedule Installations

How can Job Manager help you?

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